Food Safety Training

Competency-based Training for the Professionals on your Team

Our number one goal is to improve your understanding of how to incorporate food safety into everything you do, by making it simple and engaging. We offer a comprehensive range of online training courses tailored to every role in a food manufacturing facility, from Operators and Supervisors to Food Safety Leads and Plant Managers.

Our courses cover everything from food safety basics, such as GMPs and Basic HACCP, to enhancing food safety culture through Teamwork and Everyday Food Safety. We also delve into more advanced topics like Internal Audits and Crisis Management. Every training is straightforward, targeted, and based on tactical and practical how-to methods, ensuring that every member of your team can enhance their food safety competencies.

Our wide range of courses allow you to select the competencies your team needs and choose targeted training based on who needs to know what. By doing so, you can avoid wasting valuable time and resources, ensuring that every person receives relevant and practical training.

  • Visitors & Contractors

    • GMPs

    • Everyday Food Safety

  • Operators & Supervisors

    • GMPs

    • Everyday Food Safety

    • Teamwork

    • The Basics of HACCP

  • Plant Managers

    • Internal Auditor

    • Vertical Audits

    • Teamwork

    • Verification & Validation

  • Food Safety Leads

    • Internal Auditor

    • Foundations in Food Safety

    • Lead Auditor Refresher

    • Accredited HACCP

    • Food Defence & Food Fraud

    • Handling Exceptions

    • Pre-Requisite Programs

    • And more.

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What Drives Us?

Our suite of courses are designed to build on each another. They are also competency based. This allows you to select the competencies your team needs and choose targeted training based on who needs to know what. You can avoid the waste of their valuable time and your valuable human and financial resources that happens when every person on the team gets the same training, even if it’s not relevant to them.

“The training so far has helped to give a clearer understanding of what Food Safety really entails. I have come to understand that food safety is dependent on everyone and not just the one with “Quality” attached to the title. Every topic has been interesting and it always gives a better insight to that part of food safety. I enjoy the activities too and it actually feels as if the class was tailored to answer my questions on the topics.”

Siju, Quality Manager

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Not Sure Where to Start?

We can help you customize a training plan based on where you need your team to have increased competency. Looking for accredited HACCP training? We’ve got your covered. Want to reach a bigger market by becoming GFSI-certified? We can help with that too! Our team of experienced food safety specialists are there to guide you on a clear path to reach your food safety goals.

We’ve worked with facilities of all sizes: from 5 employees to 500 employees. We understand the different challenges you face, whether you wear all the hats or you manage a number of facilities across the country. Food safety training doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits all solution.

Our services include:

Navigate Food Safety Solutions Food Safety Online Training

Browse our catalogue of online courses that cover a range of topics from Corrective Actions to Verification & Validation. Curate your own training program by selecting individual courses that target a specific need, or select one of our pre-built course bundles to cover a broader area of competency.

Navigate Food Safety Solutions Food Safety Webinars

Check out our playlist of free food safety webinars where our founder and Global Food Safety Expert, Alex Hanley, offers his fresh perspective on a number of hot topics in the food safety industry.

Navigate Food Safety Solutions Free Resources

Our Youtube channel has excellent videos where we unpack complex food safety ideas in minutes. Free, fun and useful!

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