We Start Where You Are

We understand that online training can’t provide a solution to every problem. Sometimes, you need to phone a friend. Add an expert from our team to your team! We understand compliance, regulation and GFSI benchmarked standards and we also understand what it takes to manage a facility every day. We’ve got your back and your best interest at heart. We are there to help you answer questions, weigh decisions, and navigate challenges.

Whether you are a new business opening your first facility, or an experienced facility looking to meet an existing standard, new standard or certification, odds are you will get there faster and more effectively and efficiently with help.

We start each consulting project with a comprehensive Whole System Gap Assessment. During this assessment, we do a deep dive into the people, the plant and the programs in your facility to determine where the gaps are between your current situation and where you want to be. Together we will create a customized roadmap outlining the steps required to achieve your goals and the work that needs to be done to get there. No commitment after that. You can take this roadmap and run yourself, source other assistance or choose us as a strong right hand to guide you through the work.

Navigate Food Safety Solutions

' The goal of the food safety professional should be to create a food safety culture, not a food safety program '

Frank Yiannas

Navigate Food Safety Solutions

Our services include:

  • Whole System Gap Assessment

    • Conduct a deep dive into your current situation.
    • Identify gaps in your people, programs, and physical site.
    • Develop an understanding of your business to build a solid foundation for your food safety management system.
  • Comprehensive Food Safety Plan Development

    • Understand your business and food safety needs.
    • Develop a Food Safety Plan that fills knowledge and skill gaps.
    • Create a comprehensive learning plan to help you reach the next required level.
    • Ensure the plan meets food safety needs relative to your product and process risks.
    • Adapt the plan to meet regulatory requirements and third-party certification standards.
    • Design the plan to work for the everyday reality in your facility.
  • Food Safety Crisis Management

    • Help you implement a system to manage food safety crises when they arise.
    • Ensure your team is capable of executing the crisis management system.

Every solution begins with a question

Do you want your team to work better together? Want to learn more about food safety? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help.