Our Origins

Alex spent many years interacting with people in food processing plants as an auditor. Year-after-year he became increasingly frustrated by not being able to offer the solutions that people and businesses clearly needed. Seeing people bogged down by complexity and red tape was the norm. As a 'solutions focused' professional, Alex was perfectly positioned to start Navigate Food Safety Solutions and partner with companies directly to start fixing these issues from the inside out. Today, we manage a growing and creative team who all believe in one single credo:

To help people make food they can trust.

What Drives Us?

People are the core of the food industry and our goals are to help them to navigate through the complexities of the food safety process, improve everyday food safety practices and to nurture, support and drive food safety success. Hand on heart, we will strive to make food safety simple, interesting..and fun!

Navigate Food Safety Solutions

' The goal of the food safety professional should be to create a food safety culture, not a food safety program '

Frank Yiannas

Navigate Food Safety Solutions

Our Customers

We work with food manufacturers, beverage producers and food packaging companies. Our capabilities span small enterprises with less than 10 employees, to multi-site organizations. From achieving certification, through to the maintenance of powerful food safety programs, our successes are many.

We meet our indivdual customer through a comprehensive blend of methods that cater to various learning styles and address time constraints. By adopting a multi-faceted and targeted approach, we aim to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients. The combination of online training, coaching and consulting, ensures that our customers receive comprehensive support and achieve the best possible results in their unique business landscapes

What We Do

Food Safety Can Be Complicated. It Doesn’t Have to Be.

We build simplicity into everything we do. Our training is designed to offer practical solutions to the challenges all food safety teams are facing. You can improve food safety within your facility and understand what you need to do every day.

Every solution begins with a question

Do you want your team to work better together? Want to learn more about food safety? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help.